Yeah…no newsletter today. Tried my best, but…yeah. Back tomorrow, new pod on Thursday.

FWIW: If you unsubscribe between now and then, I’ll take it as a slap in the face against not just me, but everyone currently dealing with nature’s cruel mercy. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. How COULD you, by the way?

Jokes aside, if you have time, help out those who are less fortunate, I suggest you Google some variation of “(city/town you care about) + recovery efforts”. Or just go dig out your block or something.

Two types of people in the world: The ones who see show needs shoveling, pause, think about doing it, then concoct some story about them being wronged in the past and then using that as motivation to not go outside, and there’s the janitors, who already back inside because they went and got it done in the time it took to do all that thinking. And with that said, BRB!


Catch up with season 2 of the Office Hours w/me podcast. If you’re one of those aesthetic types, I want the vibe of this thing to be like a Millennial take on the Charlie Rose show…you know, minus the problematic behavior. So far, season 2 has featured interviews with some big thinkers across cultural industries.


The Office Hours Interview with Folu Akinkuotu of the Unsnackable newsletter and the #HumblebragDiet. This is the interview that takes this whole thing to the next level, I PROMISE. I want her to run for President and you will too, after hearing her Office Hours Interview.


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