Office Hours with Ernest Wilkins
Office Hours with Ernest Wilkins
28: Money Team (feat. Big Homie Doe)

28: Money Team (feat. Big Homie Doe)

The Office Hours Interview with Darryl “Big Homie Doe” Williams

Former rapper-turned-manager-turned-minority cannabis business owner, Doe has built a house at the intersection of business and culture by now. Currently managing King Louie (one of the most influential rappers of the last 30 years, no hyperbole) and recently moved into the cannabis space.

This week, Illinois became the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana and with the surge in business, there’s a lot of people who influence culture getting left out in the cold when it comes to profiting from legal weed. Carly tried to tell y’all. Doe is a representation of what a minority-owned cannabis business can look like, one that aims to provide a quality product but still feels cool and not exploitative. It’s a very small lane and one that a lot of businesses in the cannabis industry will struggle to fill in the years to come.

This episode has a LOT of free game for people in music, management, cannabis or people who are looking to break into those industries.

SONG OF THE WEEK: King Louie, “Tesla”.


I’ve been asked when I’m going to do another IRL Office Hours hang and I’m happy to report that I have TWO dates on deck, so add these to the calendar if you live in Chicago.

  • Thursday, July 19 (Pitchfork Music Festival x Complexcon Chicago weekend kickoff hang)

  • Thursday, August 8th

Updates to come, but add these dates to the calendar if you’re going to be in Chicago.


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Office Hours with Ernest Wilkins
Office Hours with Ernest Wilkins
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