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#163: The Office Hours Interview: Folu Akinkuotu

#163: The Office Hours Interview: Folu Akinkuotu

Folu Akinkuotu

Folu Akinkuotu is a home cook, prolific baker and rare snack aficionado. Her newsletter Unsnackable features rare snacks, drinks and fast food from around the world and has been in The New Yorker, SBS Australia and The Face Magazine.

Folu is one of those world-class talents that manages to hide in plain sight. With one tweet almost a year ago, she’s influenced some of the biggest names in the cultural industry of food and drink media, despite you likely never hearing her name until now.

Even if you aren’t on Twitter, the above thread is worth digging into. Her take on food prep and how she employs regular ingredients in with luxurious items was early for the pandemic home chef influencer, as she’s been doing the #humblebragdiet for years now. Look at some of this stuff!

Turns out, her followers weren’t the only ones paying attention to her work.

This tweet is one that garnered a lot of attention in her section of the cultural industry of food and drink media. You see, the media entity in question had a bit of a rough summer. The fact that they didn’t think to reach out to her until they were desperate for diverse faces in their content to limit blowback was yet another example of creators leverage over most media brands, as well as why legacy media is not structurally built for non-white people to succeed within.

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The three biggest takeaways from this interview:

  1. By the end of this episode, you will not only believe that Folu deserves a show or bigger platform, you will want her to run for some sort of public office.

  2. You will never look at baking the same way again.

  3. Creators who speak the language of business in cultural industries can sell to their audiences. When it comes to who gets the better deal from a media partnership both now and in the years to come, the Folu’s of the world don’t need these platforms and brands. That independence gives them leverage to pick and choose what deals make the best sense for themselves and their audiences. It might be hard to hear, but platforms and brands need creators and thinkers like Folu more than those creators and thinkers need these platforms and brands.


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